GM Socrates is an initiative by the general motors and only the GM employees can get the account accessibility to the general motor’s Socrates website. To seek any employment information it is mandatory to get registered with GM Socrates and have account details. 
General Motors is an American based company focusing on manufacturing of vehicle parts. MyGM Socrates service has encouraged the employees of general motor to create an account and get the complete website accessibility. If employee already has an account login process becomes simple and they can get the organisational control over the account management. GM Socrates portal makes the employee tasks easy as they can get any details related to the payroll and others.

Features of GM Socrates

Employee self-service

This is a system introduced by GM to make the work efficient, simple and everything to become eco-friendly by reducing the paper works. The system ensures many advantages and they are given below

  • Employee's confidential information is maintained secretly in the portal
  • Easy navigation option and available for anytime access
  • Paper works are eliminated
  • Quick changes and updates employees details immediately
  •  Secure and safe platform without any compromise of information

How to login to GM Socrates

If you are the first time user to login to the MyGM Socrates page then you are requested to follow the instructions given below

GM Socrates Password Management and support

There are situations where the users can forget the password that they have created, for which they would look out the support and help to retrieve. If you are also looking forward to having support for password retrieval then follow the below instructions
  • Enter into the website
  • Click the link password management and support
  • Account maintenance page gets opened
  • Select the password reset link to proceed with
  • Provide the required data information
  • Reset the account password

GM Socrates GMID activation

  • Whoever is looking forward to activate GMID should go by the below procedures
  • Log on to the website
  • Go down to the webpage and at the bottom find the option first-time users
  • Select the link to activate your GMID
  • It redirects to the new tab where you need to fill the requirements
    • Type GMIN
    • Provide your first name
    • Enter the last name
    • Click the option next
    • New page gets opened
    • Account can be set up
    • Select the option verification
    • Create the account password
    • Check the confirmation page

GM Socrates FAQ

What is the exact purpose of GMSocrates?
GM Socrates login is exclusively set for the GM motor employees where they can work over the website and manage from whichever location they are.

What is the procedure of GMID activation?
If you are the first time user you must definitely know the steps involved in activating GM ID for the quick use
  • You have to provide your fundamental identification
  • GMID activation is the next step
  • Two-step verification choices are given which needs to be established
  • Password or passphrase has to be created
  • Confirm the registration

What is GMIN?
General motor identification number is what we call as GMIN number. If people know this number they can make the activation process very quick and can complete the procedure in a flexible way.

Where to get GMIN number?
General motor identification number needs to be got from the respective supervisor

Where can we access ESS?

How the GM Socrates password can be reset?
MyGM Socrates password can be reset by visiting the link Make sure that you remember the question for password reset which you have given at the time of registration